Croatian Employment Service, Regional office Zagreb presented project „Better Perspective of Roma Women in the Labour Market“

 Project „Better Perspective of Roma Women on the Labour Market“, which was awarded to Regional office Zagreb as a part of the IPA IV component- Human Resource Development, grant „Women in the Labour Market“, was presented in the eve of International Roma Day. Partners on the project are City of Zagreb, Office for social care and people with dissabilities; Center for education, research and counselling CESI and association of Roma women in Croatia „Better Future“ while Berufsförderungsinstitut Burgenland from Austria is an associate on the project.
The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the development and implementation of more efficient active labour market policy, adapted and responsive to the needs of Roma women in the city of Zagreb through development of individualised approach, help and assistance to unemployed Roma women. Beneficiaries are guided through project activities by trained job coaches which will individualy prepare Roma women for job search and offer them additional help in establishing contact with potential employers.
Vesna Matijašević, Head of Regional Office Zagreb opened the press conference in which she stressed the importance of this project and all the other projects implemented by the Regional Office Zagreb, and thanked partners for their participation in this very demanding, but multi-beneficial projects.
The project lasts 12 months and the total value is 157,206.98 euros, of which the European Union funded the amount of 121,539.31 euro (77.3%), and the remaining part of the project was provided by CES, Regional office Zagreb; contributors and project partner City of Zagreb.
At the presentation of the project there were partners and associates on the project as well as job coaches and project beneficiaries, who presented their first experience on the project.
Head of City Office for social care and people with disabilities, Višnja Fortuna, expressed her satisfaction with the progress of the project and pointed out that the City of Zagreb provided and arranged space for the Center for advising, support and information CASI "Romani" and that even after the completion of the project City of Zagreb will support developed model of working with marginalized women and enrich it with new services. Director of the Centre for social care, Marija Pavić, said it is extremely important that the Centre is involved in the project, because in this way we will improve cooperation between social workers and counselors for employment, which will contribute to the quality of service to Roma women, and all other marginalized women.
Ramiza Memedi, director of Association of Roma Women in Croatia "Better Future" highlighted the importance of supporting this kind of project and helping young Roma women in the inclusion in education.

Project beneficiaries Nataša Osmanović and Fikreta Dedić shared their experiences and thanked Regional office Zagreb, enabling them that through the project they acquire basic IT literacy and hope that through the project they will be able to get a job.
Project leader Marija Halić presented the project and stressed that the aim of the project is development of an individualized approach (tailor made) to assistance and support to unemployed Roma women through ICT literacy and training for first-time career and independent job search. There are 30 unemployed Roma women from Zagreb included in the project undergoing a computer course and will be qualified for the first occupation for assistant cook or hotel maid, and for independent job search and participation in the labour market. Halić pointed out that this is a group of mostly young women aged 30 years, low level of education, or have not completed primary school and no work experience, which are mainly social welfare.
She also pointed out the potential risks that could affect the project such as lack of motivation of unemployed Roma women, indifference of the public or employers, and the lack of vacancies in the market given the current situation.

The project aims to strengthen the competitiveness of Roma women in the labour market and remove bias, interest and sensitize the public and employers towards the employment of Roma women and inclusion in society. A particular aspect of the project is sensitizing the public to include Roma women into labour market and society and for that purpose we will make a TV video, billboards and web site of the Center.
EuropeAid – IPA IV. Component: Human Resources Development – Grant Scheme: "Women in the Labour Market" – Project: "Better Perspective of Roma Women in the Labour Market"
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